Use a small screwdriver in the band gaps and gently pry them open a bit. These small screws tend to get lost during refinishing or maintenance. Boyds Classic Camo Stock Mosin Nagant 91-30/t53/m-38/m-44 53 Rifle Boyds Classic is a compilation of the design elements found to be the most elegant and user friendly examples of the classic style. Restoration goals, expectations, disclaimer. You can always change your mind and put a gloss finish over a satin finish later. by SA1911a1 Wed Dec 04, 2019 2:18 pm, Post Since very late 1945 to early 1946 these inserts were used on M44 carbines and seldom onregular M91/30 rifles. There's two reasons to sand / polish the bolt; form and function. by Darryl Tue Dec 01, 2020 6:17 pm, Post The new sleek Mosin Nagant synthetic stock comes with a non-slip 1" rubber butt pad, a great answer to the harsh kick of the potent 7x54R ammunition. Parts of the bolt can be polished to a beautiful mirror finish. A new modern rifle? S&K Mosin Nagant Mount - Mosin Nagant Scout M. Sold by. Sand with oil to prevent the sandpaper from loading up (accumulating a thick layer of metallic dust on the surface of the sandpaper). Onthe top - prewar stock, on the bottom - wartime Izhevsk stock with notch. Early postwar (with .. In the Autumn of 1941 the Izhevsk factory introduced a few simplifications into productionthat were related to stockhardware. 7.62x54r caliber, 5 Round, Bolt Action, in Good-Very Good Condition So, let's take a look at some of the factors that . I am not a gunsmith. Any major difference between those and the post war versions? Next, use 400 - 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper and oil. Your process and results may vary. Mosin Nagant Band Spring, Rear Our Price: $12.50 . It was submitted for trialsand was introduced into mass production in late 1933 in Izhevsk. M91/30 Cleaning Rods 19.00. Hell it was always hard times in Russia. " 23. The basic wood that was used for stock production was birch (walnut was rarely used for sniper riflestockproduction). Russian Mosin Nagant 91/30 bolt action rifle in 7.62x54R caliber. First, inspect the chamber and make sure the rifle is not loaded. Send email to, I mix the dye with about equal parts distiller water in an old glass jar. You can also let the stock sit in the hot sun and wipe off the cosmoline as it seeps out every half an hour. You can use either heat or a solvent to remove cosmoline. In 1938 new technical conditions #2088 for M91/30 stocks production were adopted, but no change to the finish was introduced. Wrist bolts were also used during repairs of regular stocks (more details are provided in the section about repair depots modifications). Afterwards,they were covered with lacquer and varnish. by Darryl Tue Dec 01, 2020 9:52 am, Post In this case it indicates that the item was produced by a particular repair depot. Shellac can be repaired fairly easily, but I wanted a tougher finish. from MOSIN NAGANT TRIGGER SEAR SPRING, PIN, SCREW, 3-PIECE COMBO. Sale Price: $3163. You guys are funny33 mosins My number I've had is at least twice that, about half I don't have anymore. In 1942 and early 1943 thisfactory still used prewar style screwed in sling slot insertsand did not produce simplified version, like was done in Izhevsk. On the top - buttplate with a drilled hole, on the bottom - with a punched hole. Russian PO 3.5 scope & Mount(Mosin Nagant Style) OUT OF STOCK. Previously toe splices in stock construction were mentioned. More Details MOSIN NAGANT EXTRACTOR, NOS . Metal underfolding stock original from AK47, new old stock. Don't nominate yourself for a Darwin Award. This will be a brief overview of Mosin Nagant M91/30 disassembly. Slide the bands forward. Since at least the mid 1920's stocks were soaked with hot BLO (the earlier period will requiredeeper research). ATI Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R Monte Carlo Stock. Mosin Nagant Golf Ball Launcher for Mosin Nagant Rifle - MOI-GBL, Muzzle Brake for Mosin Nagant 91/30 - No Gunsmithing Required by Howling Raven, ATI Mosin Nagant Scope Mount w/ Bolt Handle. Mosin is more than hundred years old! If you've never blued, practice the entire procedure on a small piece first. Add to Compare. This will be a brief overview of Mosin Nagant M91/30 disassembly. However,because ofmuch lower production the Tula factory was able to use BLO soaking. Birch wood. June 25, 2015. 91/30 Stock New Old Stock $ 49.95 Add to cart; Mosin-Nagant Bolt head - Bare $ 15.00 Add to cart; Mosin-Nagant Bolt Stop Screw $ 3.00 Add to cart; Mosin . by Denis Prisbey. Both wood stains, sandal based and "beizen", were made from imported components and were used depending on the available supply. I think I said the same thing and qualified my statement that, indeed, pressed escutcheons were used towards the end of the war. After about 15 minutes I wiped off the excess. Yet, in its stock configuration, the Russian bang stick isn't the most wieldy field rifle. $789.95. The first step is to strip all the oil off the metal and rinse with water. Two wood types were allowed to be used - birch and walnut. Rubbing alcohol is probably the easiest and cheapest way. Some postwar replacement handguards, made by repair depots, had stacked brass caps. This is a beautiful example of a desirable a post WWII, Mosin-Nagant style sniper rifle as produced by the Hungarian state-run factory. by srtjeeplover95 Tue Dec 01, 2020 9:13 pm, Post I made no effort to preserve the historic condition of my Mosin. The launch of the M91/30 production in 1931 did not impact the stock construction - it was identical to late 1920's dragoon M91's. 1930's produced M91/30 stocks had screwed inserts into the sling slots (escutcheons). The stock fits most 91/30 rifles, as well as M-38 and M-44 carbines, and Mosin Nagant variants 7.62x54R. The Battle of Stalingrad He killed 225 soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht, including 11 enemy snipers, all with a Mosin Nagant Rifle 7.62x54R. Soviets tested stocks made from laminated wood since the late 1930's, but only a few trial stocks were made and the tests were unsuccessful. All markings of this type are actually repair depot logos (trademarks). Sandal wood, "beizen" wood stains and shellac components were very expensive. Press the barrel band springs and try to slide off the bands. I didn't remove the barrel band springs, cross bolt / recoil bolt or sling escutcheons. You don't have to clean the barrel to restore your Mosin, but it'll probably help to prevent contamination during the bluing process. Find the best deals on tactical ATI replacement Mosin Nagant sniper stocks for 91/30 rifles, the Mosin no drill scope mount and bent bolt handle, and the original style Mosin Nagant sling with a leather dog collar. The stamped type was designed by the Tula factory in the mid 1920's, after this Tula produced only the stamped type. Odd varieties, like aluminum caps, aluminum caps with rivets, are repair depotproduction. The same list of changes adopted round cutouts. 1942 Izhevsk factory #74 stock with ersatz soaking. Mosin Nagant 1891/30 Folding stock. The rifle was originally made with a hex receiver. The process causes the wood fibers to swell up, hopefully returning to their original shape and resulting in a smooth surface. If you still want to improve the operation of the bolt by sanding and polishing, just look for the places on the bolt and receiver that rub together and make sure they're smooth. The stock was covered with a thick layer of old shellac. Sidorenko's weapon of choice was the Mosin Nagant Rifle 7.62x54R equipped with a telescopic sight. Original Finnish Mosin Nagant sling swivel escutcheons with screws for the stock. Although the odds of your old Mosin Nagant being worth a significant amount of money are very low, there is a small chance that your specific rifle is worth at least a little more than the average. MBWSTOCKS Mosin Nagant Folding Stock Rustic Brown $170.00. Stocks that are painted with a sandal wood composition are light colored with a yellow tint, stocks painted with "beizen" wood stain have a brown tint. Sanding the bolt cam surfaces smooth will probably not make a significant difference - unless the surfaces are very rough. Rough wartime replacement stock made by an unknown repair depot. Seller: DENVER GUN ROOM. Cosplay weapon Mosin's Rifle Russian Army 1891 Woods copy Mosin Nagan 1:1 handmade WW2 Accessories Fake Weapon Replica Performance History However, in 1942, their machining was much less accurate compared to prewar handguards. MOHAA Player. Replace your lost screws with originals! Stamped and milled nosecaps, marked with a pre-1928 Tula "hammer" marking. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Parts, accessories and manuals for the Mosin-Nagant family of rifles. The poly is going to smell a little funny for a few days as it dries. Start with 2000 grit and polishing compound. In late 1932 the Izhevsk factory created new design of the barrel bands, without a button connection. Your 1942 round receiver has the later Izhevsk markings. We have some of the best experts here looking forward to your questions. by fullspectrum1971 Mon Dec 02, 2019 2:11 pm, Post The Tula factory still looked for a cheaper alternative, in early 1943 they created their own design of stamped sling slot insertsthat were installed without screws. "Collectors Forum" - All Mosin Nagant are discussed here. After letting the stock dry completely I sanded with 320 grit to knock down the grain that was raised with the OxiClean bleaching. Because the dye is water based, it will raise the grain. In the end of 1943 triple lacquering returned. Slide the magazine / trigger guard assembly down and out of the stock. Pressed rear front half liner from 1943. In Stock Ammo SHOP NOW. Hey everyone I made this video to help you identify what stock you have for your Mosin Nagant. Factory calibrated ready to shoot or fully adjustable for Sear Engagement (Creep), over travel (Follow through) and Pull Weight. Remove the magazine tang screw (located under the rifle in front of the magazine). I generally apply a very thin coat of wipe-on polyurethane on every surface, inside and out. Mosin Nagant M44 Chinese Type 53 Muzzle Brake Bolt-on Clamp Fits around front sight Compatible with all carbine models (M44, M38 and Chinese typ.. $39.99 $34.99 Add to Compare Add to Wish List 7.62X54R Broken Shell Extractor Works on any 7.62x54R Shell Lodged in the Chamber A Must Have Tool for Removing Broken Shell .. $9.99 Add to Compare Reviews of different Mosin Models. . For example, the majority of stocks at the newly created factory #536 NKV in Tula, which started production inFebruary 1942, were issued without a lacquer finish. This rifle looked like it was made in a high school metal shop class, then taken out and beaten with an ugly stick by half the Russian army. Archangel AA9130OD OPFOR Precision Stock OD Green Synthetic Fixed with Adjustable Cheek Riser for Mosin Nagant M1891. That seemed to remove most of the cosmoline without harming the wood. Archangel Mosin Nagant OPFOR Precision Rifle Stock - Desert Tan Polymer includes AA762R 02 (10) Rd Magazine. M91/30 drawings/instructions were updated with the possibility of toe splice production since 1938. Be careful not to lose the pin attaching the trigger to the receiver. Type with toe splice. by steelbuttplate Thu Dec 05, 2019 7:33 am, Post A couple coats is all you need and it results in a natural looking finish. Front Sight, blade 8.00, Hooded 12.00 . by qz2026 Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:35 am, Post But now the wood seemed too dark and dingy. More Information Reviews Only registered users can write reviews. The hex receivers were replaced by round ones in 1935-36. Details about stocks with a toe splice will be provided below. Use a pair of snap ring pliers to unscrew the bolts. It is interesting that the shape of the cutout can be seen in the late 1930's drawings (in a so called "list of changes") - some images show a rifle with a similar cutout, but these images are not related to cutout itself. Follow all safety rules when disassembling the rifle. Actually, reproduction 91/30 PU Scope kits are available on . Mosin Nagant Rifle Stocks (1 - 2 of 2 results) Price ($) Any price Under $25 $25 to $50 $50 to $100 Over $100 . Mosin Nagant 91/30 Stock, w/ Metal Parts & Repair Section Cutout *Very Good* $149.95. Dying and staining both color the wood, but dye will allow more of the grain to show through. The Mosin-Nagant Model 1891/30 was modified and adapted as a sniper rifle from 1932 onwards with mounts and scopes from Germany at first and subsequently with domestic designs (PE, PEM) and from 1942 was issued with 3.5-power PU fixed focus scopes to Soviet snipers. FREE delivery Feb 16 - 21 . Machine marks remain after a lot of sanding. I just bought 2 mosin nagants. Comes in a set of 4, with threads and flat head intact. Mosin Nagant buttplates. October 31, 2019. However, there were few production modifications. Flaky postwar VK-1 finish. Stock were issued by a number of manufacturers, they mainly have wartime Izhevsk pattern with simplified sling slot inserts (however, there is a big variety of configurations, and it is not possible to cover them all in a brief description on this page). Russia/USSR Mosin Nagant The Red Army needed a shorter rifle, better suited to modern combat than the M91/30. There wasn't any area on the rifle without machining marks, pitting, dings, and all sorts of other imperfections. In the autumn of1941, a large amount ofsimplifications were introduced to theM91/30 production in Izhevsk. They were immediately introduced into production. History. After repeating a couple times the wood seemed to lighten a bit, but it didn't look like new, unfinished wood. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area with gloves. Continue the previous few steps of applying poly and gently sanding until you achieve the desired finish. It's usually easier to achieve a smooth, gloss finish if you fill the pores. by srtjeeplover95 Wed Dec 02, 2020 7:45 am, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited. Since the bayonet was still seen as an important part of the Soviet soldier's equipment, the M38 did not meet the need. A lot of the ones I bought were listed as gunsmith specials, a few SKS as well. None of those changes were used by the Tula factory in, Prewar pattern cleaning rod retaining nut, Wartime/postwar simplified Izhevsk factory cleaning rod retaining nut, It should be mentioned that since late 1941 Izhevsk stocks had an additional notch above the cleaning rod, it was useful in preventing the clogging of the cleaning rod retaining nut with mud - the mud was pushed by the cleaning rod into the notch. Accessories . Arsenal #1. Another feature that can help to estimate the stock production period is the shape of finger grooves in the middle of the stock. Use a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol under the springs to help free them up. There are two kinds of people, the good people and the ones that aggravate the hell out of the good people". Stripper Clip Pouch, 2 Pocket, Russian, Reddish / Brown Vinyl-Coated Canvas, This product is no longer available, however, Mosin Nagant 1891, 1938, 1944, 91/30, Type 53 Schematic W/ Parts List, Bolt Head, Used (w/ Extractor; Markings Vary), Bolt Body (Handle Bent For Use w/ Scope; Not Original Military Sniper Bolt), Trigger, Adjustable Match Grade, Ball, Anti-Friction - -, Trigger Spring & Bolt Stop, New Factory Original, Trigger Spring & Bolt Stop, New Reproduction, Trigger Guard & Magazine Body, Stripped, 7.62 x 54R, 5 Round, Used, Trigger Guard & Magazine, Complete, 7.62 x 54R, 5 Round, Used, Follower Lifter, Used (Contains No Spring), Sling Escutcheon, Used (Screw Type; 4 Req'd), Handguard Band, Front, Used Factory Original, Handguard Band, Rear, Used Factory Original, Stock, Military, Stripped, Used - Fair Condition, Dog Collar Sling, 1-1/4", Canvas w/ Leather Loops & Metal Buckles, Reproduction, Mosin Nagant Rifles Disassembly/Reassembly Guide, Oil Bottle, Round Metal, Dual Compartment, Late Soviet Issue, New, Recoil Pad, 1", Solid Black Rubber (w/ Side Vents & Non-Slip Contour), Scope Mount & Rings, Black Anodized Aluminum, New Reproduction (Weaver Style), Scope, PU Sniper, Original WWII, Fair Condition, Scope, PU Sniper, Original WWII, Very Good to Excellent, Sling, Canvas, Original Post WWII, Used (Polish Manufactured for Russian Models), Sling, Dog Collar, Original, Canvas w/Leather Loops & Metal Buckles, Colors Vary, Stock Reinforcing Screw, Used Factory Original, Stripper Clip, 7.62x54R, 5 Round, Stamped Steel, In The White, New Reproduction.